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She clasps her hands on the wheels. Chantal was ready. Fans stood in the stands of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games eagerly cheering for this woman. She bent down, ready to face any competitor that was going to try challenge her stamina. BANG! The gunshot rang, as she sped down the track, continuing to swerve at every sharp turn. She knew today was the day for victory. As a Para Olympian, Chantal was out to prove that Canadians live in a country of Freedom, Power, and Hope.

The 2010 winter Olympics are also in news now days. These Olympics are going too held in Vancouver, Canada. The motto of this Olympics is the glowing heart. There are 80 nations under this Olympics and 5500 athletes who are taking part in it. There will be 86 events in 7 sports. It is opening on 12th February and closing ceremony will be on 28t of February. The stadium name where this Olympics is going to be held is BC place stadium in Canada. The mascot of the Olympics are Mega which is a mythical sea bear, a Quatchi which is a Sasquatch from the mystery forest and the Sumi which is an animal guardian spirit with wings and legs of black bear. The mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympic and council worker murdered Games were introduced on November 27, 2007.

In Sun Valley Idaho the Sun Valley Adaptive Sports hold a recruitment camp each year for athletes who excel in other sports. Here they are taught how man walks after being paralyzed to cross country ski on a sit ski sledge. One of the coaches is Paralympic Silver Medalist Bob Balk who also claims the title to the National Champion Nordic Sit-skier.

1) T: It's true that the first Wrestlemania event included a tag team bout with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T against rowdy roddy piper movie and Paul Orndorff. It's also true that the ring announcer was Billy Martin and the time keeper was Liberace, who also danced in the ring with the Rockettes.

The bulls eye targets are round metal discs. When hit a different colored disk flips to show a successful hit. The computer connected to the target keep score electronically.

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