Michael Matz - Derby Trainer And As Well Survivor

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho is on the season 12 cast of Dancing With The Stars. Does the wrestler turned dancer, a.k.a. Christopher Keith Irvine, have a serious relationship?

He's looking like he could be the next WWE crowns winner. He'll be tired for the Belmont, however, and the half-brother of last year's winner, the filly Rags to Riches, and the winner from two year's ago, Jazil, is planning to take him on in the Belmont. His name is Casino Drive, and he's coming all the way from Japan for the Belmont. He's going to race in a prep race, and it'll be interesting to see how he does. Apparently, he's just as good at going the longer distance as his half-brother and half-sister were, so if Big Brown is too tired, he'll have a chance at upsetting him. But that's all a long ways away still.

One week from Sunday is the DGUSA debut in Chicago, IL at The Congress Theater!!! There are less than 12 4th row tickets left. These are the final Golden Ringside tickets, which get you early admission into FRAY! and the Meet & Greet with Dragon Gate stars. You must order tickets by Monday to have them mailed to you. Tickets can be purchased now in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744.

The Pope is another wrestler who's currently fallen dramatically. In fact, things turned for the worse when both The Pope and Samoa Joe entered into a feud with each other late last year. The Pope was at one point receiving a major push alongside Sting and Kevin Nash before they both left. Since then, he's fallen as fast as a "Samoan Submission Machine".

However, to the disappoint of ECW fans everywhere, this ECW wouldn't be the same. Only certain matches would be contested under ECW rules (no count outs or disqualifications). Many of the original ECW wrestlers like Little Guido, Stevie Richards, and Danny Dorring were only used to build up the "new breed" of ECW wrestlers. Six months after the return of ECW, Paul Heyman left the WWE. By the time a year passed many of the ECW originals were released from their contracts. The changes continued to take place and the WWE branded ECW became more and more different from Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The 1st Annual Texas Throw Down open Car Show and Music Festival. Car show and music festival includes, concert, car show, bikini battle, b-boy, jello wrestling, best chest and eating contest at Camargo Park. 5738 Castroville Road at Hwy 90 West. SATX 78227.

Beverages - This used to the most profitable area. Back in the days of fountain soda, when the cup costed more than the liquid inside it. Many high school no longer have wrestling soda fountains and few youth programs are going to have access to them. Today it's more common for people to donate cases of soda, water or sports drink and resell the individual containers for $1 to $2. I see events mark water and soda at $1 and sports drinks at $1.50. Great, now you have to make change and deal with quarters on half your transactions. Do this and make your like easier. The water is the healthiest item and if they want to pay extra for sugar-water, let them. If it's donated items the margin is the same at $1 for all items.

As for the rest of SmackDown, pushing Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan would be solid for the brand. Two great wrestlers who can put on high quality matches for the next few weeks is a win for the wrestling fans and the WWE. Hopefully, they can find a meaningful feud for Sin Cara too because the fans aren't buying the one with Chavo as nobody thinks Chavo will win.

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