Nascar Year Party Ideas

The red and yellow colors of Love's Travel Stops will be back on a Front Row Motorsports Ford this week - this time under the lights at the always-fast Texas Motor Speedway with David Ragan and the No. 34 team. Saturday night's event will be a "home game" for team partner Love's, which is based in nearby Oklahoma City, Okla.

Allmendinger made improvements in 2008 but it was more of the same finishing 36th in the points and he only scored two top tens. Allmendinger had by far his best finish in the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, taking 24th. Allmendinger also showed he can still wheel it around a road course, scoring a seventh place, in 2009 at Infineon Raceway, near his hometown of Los Gatos.

There is no doubt that Deegan is a competitor and champion, but big names and big sponsorships from outside the NASCAR family have not fared too well in recent years. Patrick Carpentier, Dario Franchitti and Jaques Villeneuve have all but abandoned their nascar communications dreams, and Danika Patrick amid the hype, is off too a rough start at best.

I know there are plenty of NASCAR racing fans out there so don't miss out on the opportunity to get up-close to this racecar! Go during your lunch hour, after work but especially make it a point to go with your kids after school! Also, don't forget your cameras to take a picture next to this impressive piece of machinery.

Jimmie Johnson began his career at the age of 5, racing the 50cc motorcycles. By age 8 he had won his first championship. In 2000 he became a Busch Series driver, racing for Herzog Motorsports. He only won one Busch Series race. That was in 2001, the Hills Brothers Coffee 300. It was his 81st event. Because of sponsorship problems with Herzog Motorsports, Johnson switched to Hendrick Motorsports in 2002. Soon after that his sponsorship and merchandising offers increased. That led to the Jimmie Johnson NASCAR cornhole set, among other things.

Where's the strategy involved? In a tennis match, strategy is critical to break the opponent's game. That strategy needs to be modified every time rivals decide to spring a surprise. So, if Andre Agassi capitalized on his serve and volley tactics, Pete Sampras had to rely on more than his super-smooth aces to stay put in the game.

I probably should not judge traffic considering I have been to three Atlanta races and only one Talladega race but Talladega traffic is awesome. This will be the first article you ever read where you will hear Talladega race traffic described as awesome and the word intimacy used in the same set of paragraphs regarding NASCAR. After the race was over at Talladega we got right on the shuttle service (tractor and trailer) and we were in our car and on the way home within 15 minutes. I mean literally we were in traffic for maybe 5 minutes and we stayed till the end of the race and those of you who know me know that I do not walk fast.

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